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My first tube amplifier (Part 1)

After discussing the schematics with members of Bgaudioclub I decided to build my first tube amplifier using the E180F and 6B4G vacuum tubes. I drew the schematic(thanks to 50AE) in Eagle and I will be starting to build this amplifier shortly. The costs will be more than in the solid state amplifiers I have built so far, therefore I need to spare some cash first.

The schematic:

As you can see the schematic includes an EMI filter before the transformer and makes use of 5ц4м(5z4) as a full-wave vacuum tube rectifier. The transformer has secondary windings outputting 290-0-290VAC, 5VAC, 6.3VAC. The combination of D1,D2,RP2 and C10 is a “hum control” circuit I saw here as it is recommended for directly heated tubes with AC. There is nothing fancy in the other part of the schematic. I expect this amplifier to have a solid and balanced sound which is not too coloured as the state of the tubes matches their documentation, yet nice to listen to. I will keep you posted when I have any progress on this project. Feel free to comment the schematic! Thank you for reading.